One day I reached out to an old friend of mine - old meaning our friendship could be measured in decades, he was still rather young - and he was very gracious that I had taken the time out of my day to think of him.  I was rather taken aback by his sincerity at such a small gesture, to which he replied:

Life, is about choices. You chose to think about me today, and for that I am grateful.
— Michael Hollander

That moment has stuck with me for far greater an amount of time than he probably intended, and it struck me because, in measurable terms, his time was worth far greater than mine.  However, those words echo in the ears of my clones every time they make a good or bad decision... Life, is about choices.  In those terms, thank you for choosing to spend however much time do here.

As far as myself, I have been far too blessed in this life for any one person.  For that reason, this site was born to share what at least others have deemed of value.  What is that specifically?  Technology.  I started "changing" our Apple IIe computer via software at a very young age shortly after my parents procured it, and through their support I continued until it was time for me to choose how I wanted to spend my days as an "adult".  Today I run my own cloud-based software business with the help of the best business partner one could ever wish for, who supports my desire to help others who need someone like me but can't always afford it.  If that sounds like you, drop me a line, and we can discuss what you have in mind - talk is always cheap.

Otherwise, I hope you find at least some of the content on this site of value - it will rarely be perfect, but hopefully useful.  I have had many friends ask to me help teach their kids how to code and interact with technology when I start teaching my own clones, and this media served to support at least the initial effort.

If you have some thoughts or ideas for topics you would like to see or are curious about, drop me a line.  Until then, enjoy, be kind, and be well.